How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding Without Having a “Themed Wedding” | Austin Photo Booth

 Wedding photo booth Austin, Texas

Wedding photo booth Austin, Texas

There are so many decisions that go into planning an Austin wedding that it can sometimes be really overwhelming! How do you take all the disparate elements that go into planning such a big day – colors, venue, clothing, food, music, flowers, and more – and combine them into one cohesive event that represents the relationship you and your partner share? One of the most helpful steps in wedding planning is choosing a theme early on in your process.

Now, many people get freaked out when they hear the words “theme” and “wedding” in the same sentence. They tend to picture the entire wedding party dressed in Star Trek crew uniforms or something (and if that's something you want to do for your wedding, there's nothing wrong with that!), but in most cases, a wedding theme is so much simpler and subtler than that. It's helpful to think of your wedding as a production of a play that's been done a thousand times before but still remains popular. When a director begins to mount a new production of Hamlet, he or she has to decide on a “concept” (as it's known in theatre jargon): in order to convey the message they desire to their audience at this place and time in history, is it best to set their version of Hamlet in 1600s Denmark (the original setting), in the office of a modern family business, in a futuristic outer space circus, or in some other setting? Once that decision has been made, choices about things like costumes, props, and music get a whole lot easier!

So when it comes to your wedding, what image or message do you want to convey with your big day? Consider how you and your future spouse met, things you like to do together (or hope to do one day), and your personal styles when it comes to clothing and home décor. Take note of any ideas you've seen online or in magazines or at other people's weddings that made you say, “I love that idea!” or “I hate that idea!”

Sometimes a wedding theme can be as simple as choosing a particular vintage style, such as Art Deco, or a few materials for decoration, such as lace and pearls. If you and your partner are big baseball fans, you want to make your wedding colors align with those of your favorite team, work baseballs into your centerpieces, and have little baseball players for your cake topper. If the two of you love to travel, you could choose a map theme – make your invitations and programs look like maps, incorporate music about traveling or journeys into your ceremony and reception, and decorate each table to reflect a place you've been or hope to go. If you love the beach, use shells and tropical flowers in your decorating and serve fresh fish!

Basically, choosing an overall theme will help give you a sense of direction for planning the rest of the event. It will guide you as you make all those hundreds of decisions, from the big ones like colors and menu options, to the small ones like bridesmaids' jewelry and the custom backdrop for your Austin photo booth rental with Trailer Booth Photography. Choosing a theme for your wedding, whether it's subtle or intense, will help tie everything together and leave your guests thinking, “Wow, that wedding was a perfect reflection of a wonderful couple!”