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Although using the words “theme” and “wedding” in the same sentence can make many people run for the hills, it doesn't necessarily mean all your guests have to dress like Hobbits and wizards. Check out this post to learn why choosing a theme for your Austin wedding can be the most important part of the whole process. Then, whether or not you're getting married on the water, read through these simple and beautiful ideas for a nautical-themed wedding!

Wedding colors – When it comes to choosing nautical wedding colors, there are two major directions you can go. The first is a palette that calls to mind classic U.S. Navy insignia: white, navy blue, and gold. (If you want something a little brighter, add a cornflower blue into the mix, or swap it in for the navy blue.) The other option is to choose from the bold colors used in maritime flag signalling, or the system of red, yellow, blue, and white flags used by ships to communicate with each other from a distance at sea. You can choose to use any subset of those colors or all of them, or you could mix things up a little, perhaps by subbing a coral pink for the bright red or choosing a softer yellow.

Shipshape wedding party – Medium-width stripes tend to conjure up a nautical feeling, especially when they're blue and white or red and white, so consider dressing your bridesmaids in this pattern or using it for your groomsmen's ties. You could also have your groomsmen wear classic boating shoes if you don't mind a slightly more casual look, and put your bridesmaids in wedge heels with the soles made of tightly wound rope.

Ceremony keepsakes – Weddings are often referred to as “tying the knot,” and many couples choose to have a knot-tying ceremony as part of their big day. The fisherman's knot is used by sailors and is widely regarded as the strongest type of knot. Tie a fisherman's knot with your partner to symbolize the strength of your relationship and display it in your home. Alternatively or additionally, turn the classic image of the message in the bottle on its ear – after you and your partner read your vows, roll up the pages with your written vows and slide them into a fancy glass bottle with a cork so those loving words are never far away!

Drape the walls – If your walls need a bit of jazzing up, whether at your ceremony or your reception, hang up bunting of nautical-style pennants and flags or artfully draped (clean!) rope. You can also incorporate these decorations into a simple but lovely backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

Photos on the high seas – Give Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin party photo booth, a heads up about your nautical theme, and we can create a custom backdrop for your guests in our trailer. Maybe you want a beach or ocean in the background, or you'd like your guests to look like they're on the deck of a ship. Photo props like our classic captain's hat will definitely help set the scene!

Tables ahoy – Instead of numbering the tables at your reception, name them after oceans, lakes, or seas. Then incorporate sand and seashells into your centerpieces, as well as paraphernalia such as model ships, anchors, compasses, and spyglasses.

A nautical-themed wedding is a beautiful, classic choice to celebrate a marriage that will last through calm waters and stormy seas alike!