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 Austin party photo booth

Austin party photo booth

Between the recent twenty-fifth anniversary of the original cartoon film and the release of the new live-action version, Beauty and the Beast is super-popular right now. Of course, its popularity has remained pretty strong throughout the years – we at your photo booth company in Austin are totally in favor of a Disney princess who loves books! If you're planning a Beauty and the Beast bash, here are some great ideas to consider:

  1. Show the film – This is always a great addition to a movie-themed party! And now there are two films to choose from: the original cartoon, and the new live-action one. Pull out your DVD or Blu-Ray of Beauty and the Beast (or borrow from a friend or library). You can make viewing the film a main event at your party (maybe serve popcorn?), or you can have it on in the background for anyone who wants to take a break from more chaotic activities, or you can put it on near the end of the party as a cool-down activity while you wait for guests' parents to pick them up.

  2. Rose craft – You'll need a clean, similarly sized glass jar with a lid for each guest. You can make rosebuds from paper, felt, or Model Magic clay, or you can simply purchase small, red silk roses. Attach a rosebud to a green pipe cleaner stem and wind the end of the pipe cleaner into a circle that's the same diameter as the inside of the neck of the jar. Turn the jar upside down and place the rose inside it, then glue the pipe cleaner circle inside the neck of the jar. Screw the lid onto the jar and use sparkly gold washi tape to conceal the lid and the pipe cleaner loop. Then cut a wine cork in half, paint it white or silver, and glue it to the top of your rose case like the one in the film.

  3. Magical games – For this game you'll need two plastic tea sets, each arranged on a serving tray. Divide the guests into two teams and mark a beginning and end of the relay course. Each member of each team must carry the serving tray to the end of the course and back without spilling or knocking anything over – if they falter, they must stop and rearrange their dishes before continuing on. For another easy game, you'll need several real roses (without any thorns – you can cut the stems fairly short, if necessary). Have all players sit in a circle and pass around one rose, pulling off one petal each time it gets to them. Whoever pulls off the last petal must leave the circle, and then the group starts over with a fresh rose. The last person left in the circle wins!

  4. Enchanted photo booth props – There's no end to the creativity you can show here! Kids in an Austin photo booth will love princess crowns and beast horns, as well as clocks, candelabras, and feather dusters. “Magic” mirrors will be a hit, as will books to read and lovely silk roses.

  5. Fabulous favors – Rather than a treat bag filled with candy and cheap knick-knacks, consider investing in one or two nicer party favors. Send each guest home with a quality silk rose (maybe decorated with a yellow or gold ribbon around the stem?) and a nice journal or blank book, so they can write a story fit for a princess.