How to Have a Magical Unicorn-Themed Party | Austin Photo Booth Rental

 Party photo booth Austin, Texas

Party photo booth Austin, Texas

Unicorns seem to be all the rage right now, and with good reason! What's happier and more magical than a unicorn? Not much. And you know what else is happy and magical? Your Austin photo booth rental! What a perfect pairing! If you know someone who's really into unicorns, whether it's your child, an adult friend, or yourself, there's no way to go wrong with this party theme. Here are some rainbow-riffic suggestions:

  1. Decorate with rainbows – You don't have to be a great artist or DIY-er to decorate for a unicorn party – rainbows and unicorns go hand-in-hand, as everyone knows. You can choose to use bright colors or pastels. Simply hang crepe paper streamers from door frames or mantles, cut out hearts and stars from colored paper and string them together to create garlands, and pepper the room with balloons in a variety of colors. Buy paper plates and napkins in multiple colors and set them out in rainbow order.

  2. Unicorn eats – Just about every food website and blog has something unicorn-themed right now, whether it's swirly unicorn cheesecake, unicorn bark, unicorn ice cream, unicorn punch, or something else. There are plenty of sweet treats out there that fit the motif, plus you can arrange colorful platters of fruits and veggies into stars, rainbows, or unicorns, and they'll fit right in. Also, consider throwing in Hershey's Kisses in colored wrappers and pastel-hued M&Ms. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even dye pasta with food coloring and dip pointed ice cream cones in melted baking chocolate and sprinkles.

  3. Make your own unicorn horns – If you can't find a paper pattern for a unicorn horn, modify a make-your-own-party-hat pattern so it has a much narrower base. Then trace the pattern several times on flexible tag board and cut out each tracing. Let guests decorate their horns with a variety of materials – crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, stickers, scraps of fabric and ribbon, etc. Roll up the horns and tape or glue them closed, then punch two small holes at the base of each horn and tie on a length of elastic (as you would for a traditional party hat).

  4. Unicorns in the photo booth – Let your unicorns get glamorous in your Austin photo booth! The handmade horns described above make great photo booth accessories. Other sparkly or rainbow items will be hit too – boas, fancy sunglasses, tiaras, fairy wings and wands, etc.

  5. Pin the tail on the unicorn – Give the classic party game a makeover! Draw or purchase a large poster of a unicorn and hang it securely on a wall or door. For each tail you'll need several long rectangles of tissue paper that are each about three or four inches wide. Layer your strips and fold them in half, then twist the creased end into a tight roll (like the top of a tassel, with most of the paper dangling free) and secure tightly with tape. Then cut the bottom of your paper tassel into fringe. Use loops of tape to attach each “tail” on the unicorn.