Trailer Booth Photography Can Provide Your Guest Book | Austin Wedding


There are so many ways Trailer Booth Photography can help make your Austin wedding the best it can be. One of the best is that we can provide a beautiful book for all your guests to sign. The purpose of guest books at weddings has changed over the years, and there are a lot of different ideas on how to use them these days, but we'll explain to you why our method is the very best choice!

Many years ago, before email, cell phones, and the Internet, guest books were something of an essential tool at weddings. Before photography was so widespread and easily accessible, many couples weren't able to have their weddings photographed, or if they did have photography available, pictures might only be taken of the ceremony, the wedding party, and the cake cutting, rather than using lots of expensive film to document all the guests who attended. The guest book provided an official register of everyone who attended the wedding, and it was also a place for friends and family from out of town to record their current contact info so thank-you notes could be sent quickly and easily.

Today, with so much technology at our fingertips, nearly all the guests at a wedding are snapping their own photos, plus most brides and grooms employ a professional photographer and maybe a videographer and a photo booth rental company as well. And between email, texting, and social media, finding out someone's new address can take just a few bits and bytes, rather than a long-distance phone call. It's no wonder, then, that wedding guest books have evolved from a simple list of names and addresses to collections of well-wishes, advice for the newly married couple, and fond memories.

However, some weddings today feature creative but ultimately impractical guest book ideas. Some couples ask their guests to paint something or use ink to leave thumbprints, which creates a potential for a big mess and stained fancy clothes. At least one couple out there has asked guests to type their notes on a vintage typewriter, which probably took a long time and created a long line of people waiting their turn, and at least one other couple asked guests to simply circle their names in a giant word search, which leaves people who want to write a personal note rather high and dry. And some couples ask their guests to all sign an oddly shaped item – a globe, a plate, a life preserver, a pair of vintage wooden skis. Again, it can be hard to leave a personal note on these odd-ball objects without taking up too much space, and what are the chances that before long, these “guest books” will be tucked away in a closet or cabinet, gathering dust?

That's why Trailer Booth Photography has the perfect solution to your Austin wedding dilemma: when you purchase our wedding package, we'll provide a simple, lovely memory album. (That means one less thing you have to remember!) Your guests can easily insert copies of their photo strips into the album and then sign the space around them – with two or three photo strips on each page, everyone will have plenty of space to write as much or as little as they'd like. You'll end up with a great book of well-wishes that showcases your friends and family having a blast at your wedding, and you can set it out on a coffee table for guests in your home to see or slide it onto an easily accessible book shelf when you need it out of the way for a while.

Let Trailer Booth Photography provide your guest book – it'll be easy, fun, and something you'll treasure throughout your marriage!