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 Austin photo booth rental

Austin photo booth rental

When you book Trailer Booth Photography, you've opened up a whole world of possibilities for your party or event! That's because your Austin mobile photo booth offers green screen technology for your photo booth background, meaning options are practically endless. We can create a different background for each wedding, party, reception, and corporate event we attend, and we work with our clients to design backdrops that meet their specific needs. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about what Trailer Booth Photography can do for you:

Get colorful – We have a lot of physical backgrounds for our clients to choose from – lovely curtains and other materials ranging in color from plain white to bold stripes to shiny gold – but if you desire something that we don't have available among our physical backdrops, we can use the green screen to create another color scheme for your event. Whether you want to show off your school's colors or your daughter is obsessed with a particular shade of mint green, we can find something you'll love!

Name the guest(s) of honor – This is a great idea for birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and weddings. Just picture it – your backdrop could say “Happy sweet sixteen, Lexi!” or “Bon voyage, Mrs. Diebler!” or “Best wishes, Ashley and Adam!” And then, when your guests look at their photo strips twenty years from now, they'll remember exactly when and where their wonderful snaps were taken.

Corporate promos – If you're hosting a corporate event, why not make the background your logo or slogan? Not only will people be talking for months about what a good time they had at your event, but when they hang their photo strips up on refrigerators, locker doors, and bulletin boards, your company gets even more free promotion!

Group pride – If you've booked Trailer Booth Photography for your organization's shindig, show your pride in your pics! Not only can we use the colors you choose, but we can incorporate words too: “Delta Zeta's Back-to-School Bash 2017”; “Spring Fling Festival at First Methodist Church”; “Harper High School's Fall Homecoming”...take a moment to think about your group's name and how great it will look in our photo booth.

Think theme – There's practically no limit to the creativity here. If your event is a Paris-themed prom, we can put the Eiffel Tower in your backdrop. If you're hosting a luau, we'll transport your guests to the beach. For a baseball-themed birthday party, we'll take you out to the ballgame. If your Austin wedding is themed around your mutual love of outer space, your guests can take pictures among the stars. Seriously, give us a theme, and we'll go to town!

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