5 Brilliant Ideas for a May Day Party | Austin Texas Photo Booth

The first of May is May Day, a holiday that goes back thousands of years and is still celebrated in many places around the world today. It's much less popular in the United States now than it used to be, but we think it's time to bring it back! Since the weather has warmed up a lot by the beginning of May, it's a perfect time to incorporate your Austin photo booth into your celebration!

  1. Fancy flowers – Traditionally, May Day celebrations are full of flowers. You can have your guests plant their own in flowerbeds or pots they can take home. Alternatively, there are so many easy ways to make flowers out of tissue paper, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and more! Set up a flower-making station, and let your guests go to town!

  2. Fresh food – Celebrate springtime with in-season fruits and vegetables – there are so many to choose from! You can also add flowers to cookies, cakes, and more with frosting, colored sugar, and sprinkles. And for a traditional May Day punch, combine white wine or white grape juice, soda water, lemonade, and strawberries.

  3. Maypole – The highlight of any May Day celebration is the decoration of the maypole. You'll need a tall, wooden stick or pole that can be anchored to the ground, and several long ribbons. You can have the ribbons pre-nailed or -stapled into the pole (at least one for each participant), or you can let guests choose their ribbon from a selection and then attach them to the pole. Make sure the ribbons are about three-quarters of the height of the pole – long enough to wind around, but not so long they create a tripping hazard. Guests can simply walk around the pole holding their ribbon as music is played, or you can get creative and teach them a weaving pattern before the actual ceremony.

  4. Picture perfect – An Austin photo booth company is the perfect way for your guests to take home their memories of this beautiful celebration! Bright, sunny photo booth props are ideal – including flower crowns or bouquets of silk or paper flowers.

  5. Take-home May Day baskets – Traditionally, people leave baskets of sweets, flowers, and other small treats for their neighbors – but they do it anonymously! Let your guests fill a small basket with nice things and take it home. Then they can leave it on a neighbor's porch, knock or ring the doorbell, and run away!

At Trailer Booth Photography, we love the idea of a May Day celebration! It's fresh, fun, and full of lovely things – just like our beautiful photo booth trailer!