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 Austin photo booth

Austin photo booth

What little kid doesn't love superheroes? Even if they're not specifically into Supergirl or The Flash or Spiderman, it's so much fun to think about having special powers and saving other people. With an Austin photo booth on hand, everyone will have a super good time! Here are some fun suggestions to consider.

Protect those secret identities – Start the party off by getting everyone geared up! Let each child decorate their own tag board superhero mask with crayons or markers, and turn cheap white pillow cases into capes they can decorate with fabric pens. Have pictures of famous superheroes on hand so kids can model their designs after their favorites, or encourage them all to develop their own super-secret identities.

Superhero training course – Even Superman and Black Widow need to train and keep their skills up to snuff. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard to help your little heroes along. Use cardboard boxes to create “buildings” that kids can jump over or weave through like a slalom, set up a station for “target practice” with a Nerf gun to shoot or beanbags to toss, stack up pillows or cushions for karate chopping, have your heroes “fly” through a few hula hoops, and finish with cardboard bricks or boxes stacked up in a “wall” they can burst through.

Super foods – There's no limit to how creative you can be with your party food! Use frosting to decorate strawberries with Spiderman's eyes, the Flash's lightning bolt, or Superman's crest. Make star-shaped or bat-shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters. Fill your veggie tray with “Hulk food” or “Green Lantern's snacks.” Let each superhero have their own cupcake, and use toothpicks to decorate them with paper flags that say “ZAP,” “POW,” or “BAM.”

Photo booth – Remember those masks and capes your guests decorated earlier? They've already made their own fantastic photo booth props! And you can arrange for Trailer Booth Photography, your photo booth ATX, to design a custom backdrop for your party – maybe you'll choose the symbol for the birthday kid's favorite superhero, or maybe you'll choose the skyline of a city for your heroes to fly over!

Party favors – In addition to the superhero masks and capes, send your guests home with a couple of comic books! Then every time they read them, your little superheroes will remember your fantastic party!