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 Photo booth rental Austin

Photo booth rental Austin

May fourth has become popularly known as Intergalactic Star Wars Day (“May the fourth be with you” – get it?), and your Austin photo booth company wants to help you celebrate it! With three new Star Wars films in three years, the time has never been better to throw a Star Wars-themed bash, whether it's for a group of kids, a group of adults, or both.

Space-worthy soundtrack – Set the stage for greatness with the right soundtrack. Create a playlist of tracks from the Star Wars films (be sure to include all the iconic ones, including “Main Title,” “Imperial March,” and both Cantina Band songs). If you have time to poke around online a little, you can even find rarer tracks such as “Lapti Nek” and “Yub Nub” (a.k.a. the Ewoks' celebration). Then add in some Star Wars parodies, such as Weird Al's “Yoda” and “The Saga Begins.” Finally search YouTube for songs by Star Wars fans, such as “Back to Echo Base” by Alex Carpenter, “The Empire” by Jason Munday, and “Ready for Anything” by Skyway Flyer.

The puns are strong with this one – The whole premise of this party is a pun on “May the Force be with you,” so don't be afraid to keep that levity going. Post a sign in the bathroom that says “Wash your Hans” with a picture of Han Solo. At your food table, encourage everyone to “Use the forks.” You could even serve sausage “Jar Jar Links” or mini burritos and have Admiral Ackbar declaring “It's a wrap!”

Death Star cornhole – For a great all-ages activity, paint or draw the Death Star on a long, wide, but shallow cardboard box (or simply prop up a large sheet of cardboard) and cut out a hole where the space station's laser weapon should be. Then have everyone play a good, old-fashioned game of beanbag toss.

Out-of-this-world food – If you're looking for some great Star Wars-themed snacks, try these: Use a black edible-ink pen to draw storm trooper faces onto marshmallows. Use icing to attach two chocolate wafer cookies to the sides of marshmallows to create edible TIE fighters. Dip long pretzel sticks into colored, melted baking chocolate (leave the last quarter of each pretzel plain for a handle) and let dry – lightsaber pretzels!

May the photo booth be with you – Ask Trailer Booth Photography for a black backdrop speckled with stars – that's one of the many extra services your ATX photo booth company can provide. And of course there's no end to your options for photo props – Darth Vader and storm trooper masks, headbands with Princess Leia buns attached, Yoda ears, and more!

Lightfavors – Send everyone home with the easiest (and safest) DIY lightsabers ever – cut colored pool noodles into halves or thirds, then create the hilt at one end of each noodle section with black and silver duct tape!