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We've all been to Austin parties with killer playlists that keep the action going all night long – and we've all been to parties where the playlists were more than a little lackluster. As you plan your next big event, be sure to set aside some quality time to think about and construct your playlist, since it can keep the mood going in your photo booth rental Austin. Don't leave it till the last minute, because it can make or break your entire shindig!

The very first thing to consider is how long your playlist needs to be. Your songs will probably average three to four minutes long, although there may be a few that are longer or shorter than that. The most important thing is to make your playlist long enough so that no songs get recycled – it's much better to have too many songs prepared than too few! Think about how many hours your event is going to run, and plan accordingly.

Next, think about the demographics of your guests and how they will affect your music choices. Is your event for all ages? Will there be kids and older adults there, or will most of the guests be around your age? Thinking about your guests' demographics, age-wise and social-stricture-wise, will help you know whether or not you need to look for “clean” versions of some of your songs, or avoid certain tracks altogether. Also consider other aspects of your event: do you want to play a few “gag” songs or tunes that have group dances, or would you rather avoid these? (Think “YMCA,” “The Chicken Dance,” “Cotton Eyed-Joe,” etc.) And do you want to include any songs for slow dances? In general, it's better to keep all of your songs upbeat, but for certain events (like wedding receptions, for instance), you may want to have a handful of slower tunes. Be sure to limit them, however, to no more than one per hour, or the momentum of your party will bottom out.

When you're ready to put together your actual list, remember that variety is key! The best party playlists combine pop, rock, reggaeton, R&B, electronic, and punk. Mix up current hits and radio standards with classics and oldies. Taylor Swift can coexist with The Beatles, and Beyoncé, The Backstreet Boys, and Michael Jackson can play back-to-back-to-back. A little upbeat nostalgia, such as “Don't Stop Believin'” or “Celebration” can get everybody up and moving. If your guests will appreciate it, you can even include popular songs from Disney movies, such as “Under the Sea” or “I'll Make a Man Out of You.” A party playlist can be a good way to introduce a bunch of people to some new or obscure music that you really like, but be sure to limit those tracks to no more than 20% of your total. Remember that you're not making this mix solely for yourself – if you're not really into the newest Justin Timberlake song, but your friends are all about it, don't hesitate to include it in your playlist!

Even if there's no dedicated dance floor at your event, a great playlist is the key to getting your guests to move around, interact, and even laugh and sing together. Avoiding a ho-hum playlist is the best way to make sure your event is a success – and remember, if you book Trailer Booth Photography to entertain your guests and let them snap their own wonderful memories, we can hook your playlist up to play in our trailer! The party never stops in your Austin Texas mobile photo booth!