6 Tree-riffic Ideas for a Community Arbor Day Festival | Austin, Texas, Photo Booth

 Trailer Booth Photography is a mobile photo booth for parties and events in Austin

Trailer Booth Photography is a mobile photo booth for parties and events in Austin

Arbor Day is celebrated annually on the last Friday in April. At first, it may seem like trees wouldn't make for an exciting party theme, but think again – we wouldn't be here without them, so we might as well celebrate them! An Arbor Day festival could be just a simple block party, or it could be a city-wide shindig – it all depends on the resources you have at your disposal. No matter what, your Austin-area photo booth would love to be involved, and people will have a fantastic time! Here are some awesome ideas:


  1. Advertise with art – Put up posters to let people know when and where your festival will be. Having a mix of styles will really catch people's attention – ask local graphic designers and visual artists to each contribute one or two designs, and/or ask a school teacher in the community to have their students contribute to the effort. Once your art is ready to go, use a design program on a computer to make sure each poster has the same accurate information on it.

  2. Plant some trees – This can be done several different ways, depending on your resources and local ordinances. Saplings and seeds can often be ordered at very low prices, so you can either have a whole lot of them on hand to begin with, or you can have community members pre-order their baby trees. You can send them home with guests to plant in their own yards, or you may be able to get permission to plant a number of new trees in local public spaces. For trees that go home with people, be sure to include care instructions. For any trees planted publicly, make sure there's a designated team of people who will look after the fledgling plants over the next several months.

  3. Tree identification walk/hike – Recruit a nature expert, or research local flora yourself, and take participants on a walk or hike to identify trees and other plants in a neighborhood, park, or wooded area. Help people stay engaged with a bingo sheet or scavenger hunt activity.

  4. DIY sensory table – This is a great task for someone who's into gardening. Create an area where kids can see, touch, and smell all kinds of plants and plant-related items. Let them dig in dirt and sand, check out some wriggling worms, and smell various herbs, flowers, and coffee beans. If there's space, let them check out some small gardening tools (trowel, watering can, etc.) and maybe even plant some seeds of their own. Just be sure this area is constantly supervised.

  5. Photo booth fun – Book Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin photo booth on wheels, for guests to capture their memories. Let guests decorate their own tree- or flower-themed headbands to look great in their images. Small gardening tools, floppy hats, and sunglasses also make fabulous photo props.

  6. Have a craft show – Invite local artists who work with natural materials or make plant-related art (think lawn decorations or landscape paintings) to sell their wares. Maybe a local ceramics class can contribute some handmade planters or an after-school club could sell decorated flower pots.

Trees are more important to our environment than ever these days, which means celebrating Arbor Day is more important than ever too. If you're looking to get your community excited with an Arbor Day festival, book Trailer Booth Photography today!