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 Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin mobile photo booth

Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin mobile photo booth

This time of year, we're all about what's healthy, right? We're looking at the year behind and the year ahead, still implementing new year's resolutions, and more often than not, we're thinking about ways to make ourselves healthier. Well, did you know that you'll be healthier and happier if you host and attend more parties? Or get-togethers of any kind, really, whether you're celebrating a wedding, a group of friends who are all back in town, a retirement, a holiday, or life in general. If you're sold on the idea, then go ahead and contact Trailer Booth Photography to book your next Austin-area event! If you're still skeptical, keep reading.

Parties are a great way to improve your mood. When we have something to look forward to, we're likelier to be happier and to put more work into anything we have to do between now and the start of the event. They also decrease your overall stress levels. While there may be some stress associated with planning and preparing for your get-together, it's likely to be eustress, or the kind of enjoyable stress that's good for your body from time to time. (Another example of eustress: that first big drop on a roller coaster, unless you totally hate roller coasters. The opposite of eustress is destress, which the actually upsetting, health-damaging kind of stress). Once your party is underway, you'll have a chance to relax, enjoy yourself, and spend time connecting with your guests, and you'll be so glad you decided to host in the first place!

There are also a number of caloric benefits to parties. Dancing or playing physical games will definitely burn some fat, not to mention release endorphins that make you happier. Laughing is another proven calorie-burner as well, and there's a lot of evidence showing that frequent, genuine laughter can help fight and prevent disease. Even though there may be a lot of salt, sugar, and fat present at various get-togethers, there's also a good chance that fruits and veggies will be easily accessible, and let's be honest, you're probably more likely to munch on them when there's no extra prep work or clean-up like there might be when you're looking for a snack on just an average day. If you're planning the party's menu, you can definitely include more diet-friendly options than just your standard fruit or veggie tray! And finally, on the topic of physical health, if you have an outdoor event, you and your guests will be soaking up some extra vitamin D!

You can't have a party without at least some guests, right? It doesn't matter if there are many or only a few; get-togethers are an ideal time to reconnect with loved ones, build relationships, and foster community! You can bond over old family traditions or invent new ones that may even outlive you, and you're sure to make memories that will help you through tough times ahead (and possibly inspire you to organize even more events). There's a proverb in Spanish that says “Tiempo es oro.” Literally, this means “Time is gold,” and it sounds a lot like the American saying “Time is money.” However, the actual meaning of the Spanish phrase is that time with those we love is as valuable as gold, so we shouldn't waste the time we have to spend with them, and we should make more opportunities however we can.

A mobile photo booth is a worthy addition to any party in the Austin area, no matter the setting or occasion. We're currently booking dates for 2017 and 2018, and they're filling up quickly. If you're inspired to host an event and send your guests home with high-quality photo strips of the fun they had, contact us today!