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 Trailer Booth Photography | Photo Booth Austin Texas | Wedding Photo Booth & More

Trailer Booth Photography | Photo Booth Austin Texas | Wedding Photo Booth & More


Party favors are tricky: you can't afford to spend a fortune, but most cheap favors end up tossed out or forgotten. Just think about it – once candy is eaten, no one thinks about it again, plastic novelties sit around collecting dust until they disappear, and decorated drinking glasses get ruined in the dishwasher. Whether you're planning a retirement party, looking for wedding ideas in Austin, quinceañera, or surprise party, your fabulous event deserves to be commemorated in a lasting way. There's one favor that your guests will certainly place in a visible spot and look at all the time, remembering your event for years to come! Trailer Booth Photo Booth Austin Texas is here to with the answer.


Naturally, we're talking about photo strip frames, which are both awesome and affordable. Trailer Booth Photography, your Austinphoto booth, sends each guest who uses our booth a 2” x 6” strip of photos. These photo strips capture so many moments from your celebration, and guests will surely want to display them somehow. They could use their over-crowded bulletin boards and hope the photos don't get covered up or bent, or they could lay the strip flat on a desk or side table and hope it doesn't get brushed off and stepped on. But there's a better way: send your guests home with a way to make those photo strips stand out, stand up, or both!


There are many different photo strip frames out there. They can be made from glass, acrylic or other types of hard plastic, or eco-friendly cardboard. They can even take the form of flexible, clear plastic sleeves to slide photo strips inside or colorful magnetic rectangles to place over the photos' edges. Some are made to stand up on flat surfaces (like the advertisements you often see on restaurant tables, except shaped slightly differently), while others stick to metal objects, such as refrigerators and filing cabinets. They can be purchased in bulk from party stores and large online retailers, or they can be ordered in smaller batches (usually with more personalization options such as text and design) from smaller online retailers like Etsy stores. If you have enough time and you're feeling crafty, you could even make your own frames from cardboard, cardstock, or magnets.


The best part of choosing photo strip frames for your party favors is that they can serve a purpose during the event! Set them out at each place setting or at strategic points around your party space and fill them with 2” x 6” inserts to denote the menu or schedule for the event, convey a message from the host or guest of honor, or communicate anything else you want your guests to know.


Your party guests have a blast snapping all sorts of pictures inside our beautiful trailer, and they'll treasure the memories captured in their photo strips. It only makes sense to send them home with a fun and practical way to keep those pictures visible once they get home.  Your guests will thank you, and that will be another item to check off your planning list!