Five Austin-Centric Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Five Memorable Austin Birthday Parties for Children


Think back to when you were a kid and you waited all year long for your was like Christmas, only better, because it was all about you! Many of us probably have particularly great birthday parties that stand out in our memories, and now that we have our own kids, we want to give them those same special memories to look back on. Here are five unique birthday parties for kids in the Austin area!


1.  Zymbols at Copeland Jewelers ­ Being Creative with a Message

    Zymbols are so cool! They're charms with a criss­crossing design that contain every letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9, and they come in all sorts of materials, including plastic, which is perfect for kids. Zymbols are sold at Copeland Jewelers in Austin, and each charm comes with a card on which the wearer can trace out the special message they find in their Zymbol – kids could write out their names, their own birthdays, their hopes and dreams, or anything else you can think of! With a trip to Copeland Jewelers, the birthday kid and each guest will come away with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will help them remember a great party every time they wear it. Plus, every time a Zymbol charm is purchased, another one is given to a child in the hospital!



    2. Austin landmark tour

    This party idea is perfect for kids who are a little older and can appreciate the historical value of the city they live in. The landmarks you visit can range from local favorites, like the giant fork statue at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, to nationally recognized sites, like the Texas state capitol building. If your birthday girl or boy is into music, you might include the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Sports? Check out the Circuit of the Americas, which hosts many car and motorcycle races. You can customize your Austin landmark tour however you'd like, but no matter what, kids will enjoy the day and gain a greater appreciation for the unique place they live!


    3. Trailer Booth Photography ­ Photo booth fun!

    Trailer Booth Photography can bring their anything ­themed Austin Texas photo booth to your event! The totally renovated 1962 Shasta camper will be a fun experience for the kids, who may never have been inside such a space before, and it will open their eyes to the value of creative upcycling – taking something old and turning it into something brand new and super cool. Most kids today are used to digital photos on phones and computer screens, so the real photographs they take home will become important keepsakes. You can even customize your Austin photo booth experience with music, props, backdrops, and more!


    4. Martial Arts at Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu

    Perfect for a birthday girl or boy who loves to be active, Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Austin will host a party for children turning four or older, and everything is included except the cake! Guests will enjoy a martial arts class with certified instructors, prizes from a game show prize wheel, and pizza. The birthday child gets to break a board and cut their cake with a “real” samurai sword! And best of all, he or she receives a free month of classes and a free uniform! If your kids and their friends love to get up, move around, and learn new things, Master Gohring's might be just what you're looking for.

    5.Toybrary Austin

    Here's one perfect for the little guys: Toybrary Austin is a lending library for toys, rather than books, and they host fabulous parties for children five and under! With a designated play area and a separate room for cake and presents, everything is streamlined. Toybrary's website even has links to help you design a theme for your party, from cars to ballerinas to the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Very young children don't need a lot of fuss over their birthdays – they just want to play with their friends, and Toybrary Austin is the perfect place for that!