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Austin , Texas Photo Booth Trailer Booth Photography


Texas officially became a U.S. state on December 29, 1845, and since there's nothing Texans do better than party, why not throw a great shindig to celebrate the anniversary of Texas joining the union? Here are six great ideas for a party your Texan friends will remember for at least the next 171 years!


  1. Everything photographs better in Texas – Of course you'll want to have Trailer Booth Photography, the best mobile photo booth in Austin, Texas, on hand to capture your memories! In addition to the great cowboy hats and sombreros we have in our standard prop collection, consider adding star-shaped glasses (like the star on the Texas flag) and red, white, and blue accessories (like the colors on the Texas flag). For another great addition, make or find a large, light-weight piece of wood shaped like the state and cover it with chalkboard paint. Give your guests chalk and let them showcase their favorite things about Texas in their photo strips!

  2. Test your Texas knowledge – Go online or visit your local library to find fodder for Texas-themed trivia questions. Look for information about offical state things (song, animal, gemstone, etc.), state history, famous Texans, and anything else interesting you can find. Then organize a competition among your guests – you can ask and answer questions verbally, or use paper and pencil.

  3. Put together a Texas playlist – So many musicians have gotten their start in the great state of Texas. Put together a playlist of your favorite artists who were born in Texas or got their start here. Just to name a few, there's Kenny Rogers, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Buddy Holly, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Meat Loaf, Norah Jones, Los Lonely Boys, ZZ Top, Blind Willie Johnson, Stevie Nicks, and The Police. Also consider including folk songs, such as “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Don't forget that Trailer Booth Photography can hook your playlist up to play in our beautiful trailer, so the party never stops!

  4. You can't go wrong with Texas food – There are so many great dishes that are nearly synonymous with Texas – brisket, breakfast tacos, pecan pie, chicken-fried steak, sweet tea, and more! You can serve a sit-down meal if you'd like, or look for recipes to make your favorite Texas foods bite-sized – think brisket sliders and miniature pecan pastries. Consider locally made favorites, such as craft beers and sodas.

  5. Texas party favors – There are so many options for giving your guests a little bit of the Lone Star State to take home with them. You can go with local snacks, such as homemade pecan pralines; or small, useful, Texas-themed items, such as Texas-shaped erasers or cowboy boot-shaped bottle openers; or even something unique as packets of Texas bluebonnet seeds.


Whatever your Austin, Texas, event is, Trailer Booth Photography would love to help take your party to the next level!