5 Patriotic Ideas for an Independence Day Celebration | ATX Photo Booth

 Austin party photo booth

Austin party photo booth

June has flown by, and the Fourth of July is almost here! There's no better day to get together with family and friends to celebrate all that makes us American, so you'd better get to party planning! At Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin photo booth rental, we love a patriotic party. Here are some of our favorite easy suggestions.

  1. American eats – Americans love to eat, so bring out all the traditional American dishes! Hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, and pulled pork are standard Independence Day fare, as are corn on the cob and apple pie! For a healthy treat, make a patriotic fruit salad of strawberries, raspberries, sliced bananas, and blueberries. Iced tea and lemonade are always great party beverages, or you can stick with the day's color theme and serve red and blue punch.

  2. Easy decorations – Jazz up your party space with patriotic colors done in simple ways. Cut red, white, and blue strips of paper and loop them around each other to make paper chains – you can do your chains in single colors, or you can mix them up. Use a large, star-shaped paper punch to make tag board stars, then tape them along a strand of ribbon or twine to make a simple star garland. To give your tables a little pizzazz, stamp red, white, and blue stars onto burlap table runners or tie-dye cheap white bed sheets with red and blue dye to serve as table cloths.

  3. Kids' games – Keep the young ones active with a Fourth of July flag hunt – purchase small American flags and hide them all over your party space (think of an Easter egg hunt!), then see how many each child can find. And give each kid their own personal patriotic piñata – use a funnel to fill large red, white, and blue balloons with small treats, such as stickers, Mardi Gras-style necklaces, candy, and glow sticks. Give one balloon to each kid, then let them get popping!

  4. Activities for adults – Keep your older guests entertained with a trivia quiz about Independence Day and American history – it's important to know what and why you're celebrating, after all! You can also make up a patriotic “complete the lyric” quiz using songs ranging from standards like “America the Beautiful” to pop hits like “God Bless the U.S.A.” to songs from the Broadway smash Hamilton. Prizes can be anything from a flag-themed beach towel to a six-pack of craft beer to first dibs on dessert!

  5. Photo booth props – Saving the best for last, don't forget to book your Austin-area party photo booth for your big bash! We've got tons of patriotic props, including big Uncle Sam hats and over-sized, star-shaped sunglasses. Handheld American flags would make a great addition, and don't forget to ask ahead of time about how we can create a custom backdrop for your patriotic party!

When it's time to celebrate the U.S.A., it's time for a serious party. Make your patriotic Independence Day shindig one to remember for the whole year to come!

5 Ideas for a Christmas in July Party | Austin Photo Booth

 ATX photo booth rental

ATX photo booth rental

The summer heat is well under way in Austin, and before you know it, it'll be July, and we'll be right in the thick of it. What better way to beat the heat than to throw a Christmas in July party? That's something your Austin mobile photo booth would love to be a part of! Here are five great ideas to have a fabulous, festive event.

Set the mood with your décor – There are so many fun ways to decorate for a Christmas in July party! Hang a round pool flotation device on your door in place of a wreath. Decorate palm trees (real or faux) with Christmas lights and colored balls. Paint white stripes on red pool noodles, then thread some stiff wire through them and bend the tops over like candy canes. Use moldable sand to make non-melting snowmen. Adorn tiki torches with red velvet bows and pine garland.

Favorite foods – Mix things up by serving summertime favorites, like hot dogs and lemonade, alongside peppermint bark and a snowman-shaped cheese ball. For a fun and delicious seasonal mash-up, serve up frozen hot chocolate or eggnog milkshakes. And you really can't go wrong with adorable melted snowman cookies – frost sugar cookies with white icing and place a regular-sized marshmallow near one edge. Use frosting or pens with edible ink to decorate the marshmallows like snowmen's faces and the rest of the cookies like their melted bodies.

Snap your pics – Great seasonal mash-ups make for great Austin photo booth pictures! Mix reindeer antlers with sunglasses, Santa hats with floral leis, and winter scarves with sun hats. Be sure to ask your Trailer Booth Photography attendant to hook your rockin' mix of holiday favorites and summertime hits (think the Beach Boys or Miley Cyrus's “Party in the USA”) up to the trailer's sound system to keep your guests in the mood!

Beach ornament favors – Keep the great mash-up going all the way to the end of the party when you hand out your guests' party favors! How simple and easy is this? Take clear glass or plastic Christmas ornaments and fill them with sand and tiny seashells. Be sure to put the tops back on when you're finished. Everyone will have a little bit of summer fun to take with them and hang on their trees when it actually is Christmastime!

Trailer Booth Photography loves being a part of fun, creative celebrations all around Austin and central Texas. If you've got a party coming up, get in touch with us today!

Ideas for a Nautical-Themed Wedding | Wedding Photo Booth Austin Texas

 Photo booth ATX

Photo booth ATX

Although using the words “theme” and “wedding” in the same sentence can make many people run for the hills, it doesn't necessarily mean all your guests have to dress like Hobbits and wizards. Check out this post to learn why choosing a theme for your Austin wedding can be the most important part of the whole process. Then, whether or not you're getting married on the water, read through these simple and beautiful ideas for a nautical-themed wedding!

Wedding colors – When it comes to choosing nautical wedding colors, there are two major directions you can go. The first is a palette that calls to mind classic U.S. Navy insignia: white, navy blue, and gold. (If you want something a little brighter, add a cornflower blue into the mix, or swap it in for the navy blue.) The other option is to choose from the bold colors used in maritime flag signalling, or the system of red, yellow, blue, and white flags used by ships to communicate with each other from a distance at sea. You can choose to use any subset of those colors or all of them, or you could mix things up a little, perhaps by subbing a coral pink for the bright red or choosing a softer yellow.

Shipshape wedding party – Medium-width stripes tend to conjure up a nautical feeling, especially when they're blue and white or red and white, so consider dressing your bridesmaids in this pattern or using it for your groomsmen's ties. You could also have your groomsmen wear classic boating shoes if you don't mind a slightly more casual look, and put your bridesmaids in wedge heels with the soles made of tightly wound rope.

Ceremony keepsakes – Weddings are often referred to as “tying the knot,” and many couples choose to have a knot-tying ceremony as part of their big day. The fisherman's knot is used by sailors and is widely regarded as the strongest type of knot. Tie a fisherman's knot with your partner to symbolize the strength of your relationship and display it in your home. Alternatively or additionally, turn the classic image of the message in the bottle on its ear – after you and your partner read your vows, roll up the pages with your written vows and slide them into a fancy glass bottle with a cork so those loving words are never far away!

Drape the walls – If your walls need a bit of jazzing up, whether at your ceremony or your reception, hang up bunting of nautical-style pennants and flags or artfully draped (clean!) rope. You can also incorporate these decorations into a simple but lovely backdrop for the wedding ceremony.

Photos on the high seas – Give Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin party photo booth, a heads up about your nautical theme, and we can create a custom backdrop for your guests in our trailer. Maybe you want a beach or ocean in the background, or you'd like your guests to look like they're on the deck of a ship. Photo props like our classic captain's hat will definitely help set the scene!

Tables ahoy – Instead of numbering the tables at your reception, name them after oceans, lakes, or seas. Then incorporate sand and seashells into your centerpieces, as well as paraphernalia such as model ships, anchors, compasses, and spyglasses.

A nautical-themed wedding is a beautiful, classic choice to celebrate a marriage that will last through calm waters and stormy seas alike!

How to Choose a Theme for Your Wedding Without Having a “Themed Wedding” | Austin Photo Booth

 Wedding photo booth Austin, Texas

Wedding photo booth Austin, Texas

There are so many decisions that go into planning an Austin wedding that it can sometimes be really overwhelming! How do you take all the disparate elements that go into planning such a big day – colors, venue, clothing, food, music, flowers, and more – and combine them into one cohesive event that represents the relationship you and your partner share? One of the most helpful steps in wedding planning is choosing a theme early on in your process.

Now, many people get freaked out when they hear the words “theme” and “wedding” in the same sentence. They tend to picture the entire wedding party dressed in Star Trek crew uniforms or something (and if that's something you want to do for your wedding, there's nothing wrong with that!), but in most cases, a wedding theme is so much simpler and subtler than that. It's helpful to think of your wedding as a production of a play that's been done a thousand times before but still remains popular. When a director begins to mount a new production of Hamlet, he or she has to decide on a “concept” (as it's known in theatre jargon): in order to convey the message they desire to their audience at this place and time in history, is it best to set their version of Hamlet in 1600s Denmark (the original setting), in the office of a modern family business, in a futuristic outer space circus, or in some other setting? Once that decision has been made, choices about things like costumes, props, and music get a whole lot easier!

So when it comes to your wedding, what image or message do you want to convey with your big day? Consider how you and your future spouse met, things you like to do together (or hope to do one day), and your personal styles when it comes to clothing and home décor. Take note of any ideas you've seen online or in magazines or at other people's weddings that made you say, “I love that idea!” or “I hate that idea!”

Sometimes a wedding theme can be as simple as choosing a particular vintage style, such as Art Deco, or a few materials for decoration, such as lace and pearls. If you and your partner are big baseball fans, you want to make your wedding colors align with those of your favorite team, work baseballs into your centerpieces, and have little baseball players for your cake topper. If the two of you love to travel, you could choose a map theme – make your invitations and programs look like maps, incorporate music about traveling or journeys into your ceremony and reception, and decorate each table to reflect a place you've been or hope to go. If you love the beach, use shells and tropical flowers in your decorating and serve fresh fish!

Basically, choosing an overall theme will help give you a sense of direction for planning the rest of the event. It will guide you as you make all those hundreds of decisions, from the big ones like colors and menu options, to the small ones like bridesmaids' jewelry and the custom backdrop for your Austin photo booth rental with Trailer Booth Photography. Choosing a theme for your wedding, whether it's subtle or intense, will help tie everything together and leave your guests thinking, “Wow, that wedding was a perfect reflection of a wonderful couple!”

How to Have a Magical Unicorn-Themed Party | Austin Photo Booth Rental

 Party photo booth Austin, Texas

Party photo booth Austin, Texas

Unicorns seem to be all the rage right now, and with good reason! What's happier and more magical than a unicorn? Not much. And you know what else is happy and magical? Your Austin photo booth rental! What a perfect pairing! If you know someone who's really into unicorns, whether it's your child, an adult friend, or yourself, there's no way to go wrong with this party theme. Here are some rainbow-riffic suggestions:

  1. Decorate with rainbows – You don't have to be a great artist or DIY-er to decorate for a unicorn party – rainbows and unicorns go hand-in-hand, as everyone knows. You can choose to use bright colors or pastels. Simply hang crepe paper streamers from door frames or mantles, cut out hearts and stars from colored paper and string them together to create garlands, and pepper the room with balloons in a variety of colors. Buy paper plates and napkins in multiple colors and set them out in rainbow order.

  2. Unicorn eats – Just about every food website and blog has something unicorn-themed right now, whether it's swirly unicorn cheesecake, unicorn bark, unicorn ice cream, unicorn punch, or something else. There are plenty of sweet treats out there that fit the motif, plus you can arrange colorful platters of fruits and veggies into stars, rainbows, or unicorns, and they'll fit right in. Also, consider throwing in Hershey's Kisses in colored wrappers and pastel-hued M&Ms. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even dye pasta with food coloring and dip pointed ice cream cones in melted baking chocolate and sprinkles.

  3. Make your own unicorn horns – If you can't find a paper pattern for a unicorn horn, modify a make-your-own-party-hat pattern so it has a much narrower base. Then trace the pattern several times on flexible tag board and cut out each tracing. Let guests decorate their horns with a variety of materials – crayons, markers, glitter, sequins, stickers, scraps of fabric and ribbon, etc. Roll up the horns and tape or glue them closed, then punch two small holes at the base of each horn and tie on a length of elastic (as you would for a traditional party hat).

  4. Unicorns in the photo booth – Let your unicorns get glamorous in your Austin photo booth! The handmade horns described above make great photo booth accessories. Other sparkly or rainbow items will be hit too – boas, fancy sunglasses, tiaras, fairy wings and wands, etc.

  5. Pin the tail on the unicorn – Give the classic party game a makeover! Draw or purchase a large poster of a unicorn and hang it securely on a wall or door. For each tail you'll need several long rectangles of tissue paper that are each about three or four inches wide. Layer your strips and fold them in half, then twist the creased end into a tight roll (like the top of a tassel, with most of the paper dangling free) and secure tightly with tape. Then cut the bottom of your paper tassel into fringe. Use loops of tape to attach each “tail” on the unicorn.

Plan a Glamorous Tony Awards Party | Austin Party Photo Booth

 Austin wedding photo booth

Austin wedding photo booth

The Tony Awards is one of the best awards shows of the year – not only is the evening full of fabulous, high-energy performances, but it's a chance for Broadway's biggest stars (many of whom are relatively unknown outside the theatre community) to get glammed up and recognized in a way that many Hollywood stars do all the time. If you're thinking about having a Tony Awards party, don't delay! Invite your Austin mobile photo booth and all your friends to celebrate greatness in American theatre!

Keep it simple and classy – There's no need to go overboard with decorations. Simply frame some posters and Playbills for this year's nominated productions or your favorite plays and musicals from previous years, then place black and silver balloons around your party room for a little drama. You can set the stage (pun intended!) for a really glamorous event by sending actual paper invitations, rather than using e-vites or a Facebook event.

Establish a dress code – Help your guests get into the party spirit by letting them know how to dress. You can either ask that everyone wears fancy, formal attire, like the guests at the real Tony Awards, or you can ask everyone to dress in costume. You can confine costume options to characters from this year's nominated shows, or you can open it up to favorite characters from other plays and musicals as well.

Theatrical food and drinks – Here, again, you can choose to focus on this year's nominees or branch out. We suggest Norwegian smoked salmon puffs or Jarlsberg cheese in honor of this year's best play contender Oslo or Russian tea cakes for best musical hopeful Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812. Each Broadway theatre usually serves an alcoholic drink based on its current show, and those recipes are often posted online this time of year. If you want to expand to other Broadway hits, try French baguettes for Les Miserables, cucumber sandwiches for The Importance of Being Earnest, or green punch for Wicked.

Photo booth of stars – The fanciest rental photo booth in Austin, Trailer Booth Photography, is so well-suited to a party like this! We recommend starting your party a few hours before the awards show airs so everyone has time to take a turn in our trailer without missing the main event. There are plenty of glamorous accessories that will look fabulous in your guests' photos, such as feather boas and opera glasses. If you have witch hats for Wicked, Phantom of the Opera masks, or cat ears for Cats, those are sure to be a hit as well!

Predict the winners – Before the awards show starts, have everyone fill out a sheet of predictions for which artists and shows will win the Tonys. Have fabulous prizes on hand for the people who get the most right in the end! (Be sure to have a couple of extras in case there's a two- or three-way tie.)

You may be quite a ways from New York City, but with Trailer Booth Photography and all your friends, you can bring some of the Tony Awards magic to Austin!

Trailer Booth Photography Can Provide Your Guest Book | Austin Wedding


There are so many ways Trailer Booth Photography can help make your Austin wedding the best it can be. One of the best is that we can provide a beautiful book for all your guests to sign. The purpose of guest books at weddings has changed over the years, and there are a lot of different ideas on how to use them these days, but we'll explain to you why our method is the very best choice!

Many years ago, before email, cell phones, and the Internet, guest books were something of an essential tool at weddings. Before photography was so widespread and easily accessible, many couples weren't able to have their weddings photographed, or if they did have photography available, pictures might only be taken of the ceremony, the wedding party, and the cake cutting, rather than using lots of expensive film to document all the guests who attended. The guest book provided an official register of everyone who attended the wedding, and it was also a place for friends and family from out of town to record their current contact info so thank-you notes could be sent quickly and easily.

Today, with so much technology at our fingertips, nearly all the guests at a wedding are snapping their own photos, plus most brides and grooms employ a professional photographer and maybe a videographer and a photo booth rental company as well. And between email, texting, and social media, finding out someone's new address can take just a few bits and bytes, rather than a long-distance phone call. It's no wonder, then, that wedding guest books have evolved from a simple list of names and addresses to collections of well-wishes, advice for the newly married couple, and fond memories.

However, some weddings today feature creative but ultimately impractical guest book ideas. Some couples ask their guests to paint something or use ink to leave thumbprints, which creates a potential for a big mess and stained fancy clothes. At least one couple out there has asked guests to type their notes on a vintage typewriter, which probably took a long time and created a long line of people waiting their turn, and at least one other couple asked guests to simply circle their names in a giant word search, which leaves people who want to write a personal note rather high and dry. And some couples ask their guests to all sign an oddly shaped item – a globe, a plate, a life preserver, a pair of vintage wooden skis. Again, it can be hard to leave a personal note on these odd-ball objects without taking up too much space, and what are the chances that before long, these “guest books” will be tucked away in a closet or cabinet, gathering dust?

That's why Trailer Booth Photography has the perfect solution to your Austin wedding dilemma: when you purchase our wedding package, we'll provide a simple, lovely memory album. (That means one less thing you have to remember!) Your guests can easily insert copies of their photo strips into the album and then sign the space around them – with two or three photo strips on each page, everyone will have plenty of space to write as much or as little as they'd like. You'll end up with a great book of well-wishes that showcases your friends and family having a blast at your wedding, and you can set it out on a coffee table for guests in your home to see or slide it onto an easily accessible book shelf when you need it out of the way for a while.

Let Trailer Booth Photography provide your guest book – it'll be easy, fun, and something you'll treasure throughout your marriage!

Be Our Guest! Ideas for a Beauty and the Beast Bash | Austin Photo Booth Rental

 Austin party photo booth

Austin party photo booth

Between the recent twenty-fifth anniversary of the original cartoon film and the release of the new live-action version, Beauty and the Beast is super-popular right now. Of course, its popularity has remained pretty strong throughout the years – we at your photo booth company in Austin are totally in favor of a Disney princess who loves books! If you're planning a Beauty and the Beast bash, here are some great ideas to consider:

  1. Show the film – This is always a great addition to a movie-themed party! And now there are two films to choose from: the original cartoon, and the new live-action one. Pull out your DVD or Blu-Ray of Beauty and the Beast (or borrow from a friend or library). You can make viewing the film a main event at your party (maybe serve popcorn?), or you can have it on in the background for anyone who wants to take a break from more chaotic activities, or you can put it on near the end of the party as a cool-down activity while you wait for guests' parents to pick them up.

  2. Rose craft – You'll need a clean, similarly sized glass jar with a lid for each guest. You can make rosebuds from paper, felt, or Model Magic clay, or you can simply purchase small, red silk roses. Attach a rosebud to a green pipe cleaner stem and wind the end of the pipe cleaner into a circle that's the same diameter as the inside of the neck of the jar. Turn the jar upside down and place the rose inside it, then glue the pipe cleaner circle inside the neck of the jar. Screw the lid onto the jar and use sparkly gold washi tape to conceal the lid and the pipe cleaner loop. Then cut a wine cork in half, paint it white or silver, and glue it to the top of your rose case like the one in the film.

  3. Magical games – For this game you'll need two plastic tea sets, each arranged on a serving tray. Divide the guests into two teams and mark a beginning and end of the relay course. Each member of each team must carry the serving tray to the end of the course and back without spilling or knocking anything over – if they falter, they must stop and rearrange their dishes before continuing on. For another easy game, you'll need several real roses (without any thorns – you can cut the stems fairly short, if necessary). Have all players sit in a circle and pass around one rose, pulling off one petal each time it gets to them. Whoever pulls off the last petal must leave the circle, and then the group starts over with a fresh rose. The last person left in the circle wins!

  4. Enchanted photo booth props – There's no end to the creativity you can show here! Kids in an Austin photo booth will love princess crowns and beast horns, as well as clocks, candelabras, and feather dusters. “Magic” mirrors will be a hit, as will books to read and lovely silk roses.

  5. Fabulous favors – Rather than a treat bag filled with candy and cheap knick-knacks, consider investing in one or two nicer party favors. Send each guest home with a quality silk rose (maybe decorated with a yellow or gold ribbon around the stem?) and a nice journal or blank book, so they can write a story fit for a princess.

Trailer Booth Photography Does Green Screen Backgrounds! | Photo Booth Rental Austin

 Austin photo booth rental

Austin photo booth rental

When you book Trailer Booth Photography, you've opened up a whole world of possibilities for your party or event! That's because your Austin mobile photo booth offers green screen technology for your photo booth background, meaning options are practically endless. We can create a different background for each wedding, party, reception, and corporate event we attend, and we work with our clients to design backdrops that meet their specific needs. Here are some suggestions to get you thinking about what Trailer Booth Photography can do for you:

Get colorful – We have a lot of physical backgrounds for our clients to choose from – lovely curtains and other materials ranging in color from plain white to bold stripes to shiny gold – but if you desire something that we don't have available among our physical backdrops, we can use the green screen to create another color scheme for your event. Whether you want to show off your school's colors or your daughter is obsessed with a particular shade of mint green, we can find something you'll love!

Name the guest(s) of honor – This is a great idea for birthday parties, retirement celebrations, and weddings. Just picture it – your backdrop could say “Happy sweet sixteen, Lexi!” or “Bon voyage, Mrs. Diebler!” or “Best wishes, Ashley and Adam!” And then, when your guests look at their photo strips twenty years from now, they'll remember exactly when and where their wonderful snaps were taken.

Corporate promos – If you're hosting a corporate event, why not make the background your logo or slogan? Not only will people be talking for months about what a good time they had at your event, but when they hang their photo strips up on refrigerators, locker doors, and bulletin boards, your company gets even more free promotion!

Group pride – If you've booked Trailer Booth Photography for your organization's shindig, show your pride in your pics! Not only can we use the colors you choose, but we can incorporate words too: “Delta Zeta's Back-to-School Bash 2017”; “Spring Fling Festival at First Methodist Church”; “Harper High School's Fall Homecoming”...take a moment to think about your group's name and how great it will look in our photo booth.

Think theme – There's practically no limit to the creativity here. If your event is a Paris-themed prom, we can put the Eiffel Tower in your backdrop. If you're hosting a luau, we'll transport your guests to the beach. For a baseball-themed birthday party, we'll take you out to the ballgame. If your Austin wedding is themed around your mutual love of outer space, your guests can take pictures among the stars. Seriously, give us a theme, and we'll go to town!

Contact Trailer Booth Photography today to see what we can do for you!

5 Super Ideas for a Superhero Birthday Party | Photo Booth Rental Austin

 Austin photo booth

Austin photo booth

What little kid doesn't love superheroes? Even if they're not specifically into Supergirl or The Flash or Spiderman, it's so much fun to think about having special powers and saving other people. With an Austin photo booth on hand, everyone will have a super good time! Here are some fun suggestions to consider.

Protect those secret identities – Start the party off by getting everyone geared up! Let each child decorate their own tag board superhero mask with crayons or markers, and turn cheap white pillow cases into capes they can decorate with fabric pens. Have pictures of famous superheroes on hand so kids can model their designs after their favorites, or encourage them all to develop their own super-secret identities.

Superhero training course – Even Superman and Black Widow need to train and keep their skills up to snuff. Set up an obstacle course in your backyard to help your little heroes along. Use cardboard boxes to create “buildings” that kids can jump over or weave through like a slalom, set up a station for “target practice” with a Nerf gun to shoot or beanbags to toss, stack up pillows or cushions for karate chopping, have your heroes “fly” through a few hula hoops, and finish with cardboard bricks or boxes stacked up in a “wall” they can burst through.

Super foods – There's no limit to how creative you can be with your party food! Use frosting to decorate strawberries with Spiderman's eyes, the Flash's lightning bolt, or Superman's crest. Make star-shaped or bat-shaped sandwiches using cookie cutters. Fill your veggie tray with “Hulk food” or “Green Lantern's snacks.” Let each superhero have their own cupcake, and use toothpicks to decorate them with paper flags that say “ZAP,” “POW,” or “BAM.”

Photo booth – Remember those masks and capes your guests decorated earlier? They've already made their own fantastic photo booth props! And you can arrange for Trailer Booth Photography, your photo booth ATX, to design a custom backdrop for your party – maybe you'll choose the symbol for the birthday kid's favorite superhero, or maybe you'll choose the skyline of a city for your heroes to fly over!

Party favors – In addition to the superhero masks and capes, send your guests home with a couple of comic books! Then every time they read them, your little superheroes will remember your fantastic party!

Throw a Star Wars Party for May the Fourth | Photo Booth Rental Austin

 Photo booth rental Austin

Photo booth rental Austin

May fourth has become popularly known as Intergalactic Star Wars Day (“May the fourth be with you” – get it?), and your Austin photo booth company wants to help you celebrate it! With three new Star Wars films in three years, the time has never been better to throw a Star Wars-themed bash, whether it's for a group of kids, a group of adults, or both.

Space-worthy soundtrack – Set the stage for greatness with the right soundtrack. Create a playlist of tracks from the Star Wars films (be sure to include all the iconic ones, including “Main Title,” “Imperial March,” and both Cantina Band songs). If you have time to poke around online a little, you can even find rarer tracks such as “Lapti Nek” and “Yub Nub” (a.k.a. the Ewoks' celebration). Then add in some Star Wars parodies, such as Weird Al's “Yoda” and “The Saga Begins.” Finally search YouTube for songs by Star Wars fans, such as “Back to Echo Base” by Alex Carpenter, “The Empire” by Jason Munday, and “Ready for Anything” by Skyway Flyer.

The puns are strong with this one – The whole premise of this party is a pun on “May the Force be with you,” so don't be afraid to keep that levity going. Post a sign in the bathroom that says “Wash your Hans” with a picture of Han Solo. At your food table, encourage everyone to “Use the forks.” You could even serve sausage “Jar Jar Links” or mini burritos and have Admiral Ackbar declaring “It's a wrap!”

Death Star cornhole – For a great all-ages activity, paint or draw the Death Star on a long, wide, but shallow cardboard box (or simply prop up a large sheet of cardboard) and cut out a hole where the space station's laser weapon should be. Then have everyone play a good, old-fashioned game of beanbag toss.

Out-of-this-world food – If you're looking for some great Star Wars-themed snacks, try these: Use a black edible-ink pen to draw storm trooper faces onto marshmallows. Use icing to attach two chocolate wafer cookies to the sides of marshmallows to create edible TIE fighters. Dip long pretzel sticks into colored, melted baking chocolate (leave the last quarter of each pretzel plain for a handle) and let dry – lightsaber pretzels!

May the photo booth be with you – Ask Trailer Booth Photography for a black backdrop speckled with stars – that's one of the many extra services your ATX photo booth company can provide. And of course there's no end to your options for photo props – Darth Vader and storm trooper masks, headbands with Princess Leia buns attached, Yoda ears, and more!

Lightfavors – Send everyone home with the easiest (and safest) DIY lightsabers ever – cut colored pool noodles into halves or thirds, then create the hilt at one end of each noodle section with black and silver duct tape!

How to Create the Best Mix for Your Party Playlist | Austin wedding photo booth

Austin Texas photo booth

We've all been to Austin parties with killer playlists that keep the action going all night long – and we've all been to parties where the playlists were more than a little lackluster. As you plan your next big event, be sure to set aside some quality time to think about and construct your playlist, since it can keep the mood going in your photo booth rental Austin. Don't leave it till the last minute, because it can make or break your entire shindig!

The very first thing to consider is how long your playlist needs to be. Your songs will probably average three to four minutes long, although there may be a few that are longer or shorter than that. The most important thing is to make your playlist long enough so that no songs get recycled – it's much better to have too many songs prepared than too few! Think about how many hours your event is going to run, and plan accordingly.

Next, think about the demographics of your guests and how they will affect your music choices. Is your event for all ages? Will there be kids and older adults there, or will most of the guests be around your age? Thinking about your guests' demographics, age-wise and social-stricture-wise, will help you know whether or not you need to look for “clean” versions of some of your songs, or avoid certain tracks altogether. Also consider other aspects of your event: do you want to play a few “gag” songs or tunes that have group dances, or would you rather avoid these? (Think “YMCA,” “The Chicken Dance,” “Cotton Eyed-Joe,” etc.) And do you want to include any songs for slow dances? In general, it's better to keep all of your songs upbeat, but for certain events (like wedding receptions, for instance), you may want to have a handful of slower tunes. Be sure to limit them, however, to no more than one per hour, or the momentum of your party will bottom out.

When you're ready to put together your actual list, remember that variety is key! The best party playlists combine pop, rock, reggaeton, R&B, electronic, and punk. Mix up current hits and radio standards with classics and oldies. Taylor Swift can coexist with The Beatles, and Beyoncé, The Backstreet Boys, and Michael Jackson can play back-to-back-to-back. A little upbeat nostalgia, such as “Don't Stop Believin'” or “Celebration” can get everybody up and moving. If your guests will appreciate it, you can even include popular songs from Disney movies, such as “Under the Sea” or “I'll Make a Man Out of You.” A party playlist can be a good way to introduce a bunch of people to some new or obscure music that you really like, but be sure to limit those tracks to no more than 20% of your total. Remember that you're not making this mix solely for yourself – if you're not really into the newest Justin Timberlake song, but your friends are all about it, don't hesitate to include it in your playlist!

Even if there's no dedicated dance floor at your event, a great playlist is the key to getting your guests to move around, interact, and even laugh and sing together. Avoiding a ho-hum playlist is the best way to make sure your event is a success – and remember, if you book Trailer Booth Photography to entertain your guests and let them snap their own wonderful memories, we can hook your playlist up to play in our trailer! The party never stops in your Austin Texas mobile photo booth!

5 Brilliant Ideas for a May Day Party | Austin Texas Photo Booth

The first of May is May Day, a holiday that goes back thousands of years and is still celebrated in many places around the world today. It's much less popular in the United States now than it used to be, but we think it's time to bring it back! Since the weather has warmed up a lot by the beginning of May, it's a perfect time to incorporate your Austin photo booth into your celebration!

  1. Fancy flowers – Traditionally, May Day celebrations are full of flowers. You can have your guests plant their own in flowerbeds or pots they can take home. Alternatively, there are so many easy ways to make flowers out of tissue paper, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and more! Set up a flower-making station, and let your guests go to town!

  2. Fresh food – Celebrate springtime with in-season fruits and vegetables – there are so many to choose from! You can also add flowers to cookies, cakes, and more with frosting, colored sugar, and sprinkles. And for a traditional May Day punch, combine white wine or white grape juice, soda water, lemonade, and strawberries.

  3. Maypole – The highlight of any May Day celebration is the decoration of the maypole. You'll need a tall, wooden stick or pole that can be anchored to the ground, and several long ribbons. You can have the ribbons pre-nailed or -stapled into the pole (at least one for each participant), or you can let guests choose their ribbon from a selection and then attach them to the pole. Make sure the ribbons are about three-quarters of the height of the pole – long enough to wind around, but not so long they create a tripping hazard. Guests can simply walk around the pole holding their ribbon as music is played, or you can get creative and teach them a weaving pattern before the actual ceremony.

  4. Picture perfect – An Austin photo booth company is the perfect way for your guests to take home their memories of this beautiful celebration! Bright, sunny photo booth props are ideal – including flower crowns or bouquets of silk or paper flowers.

  5. Take-home May Day baskets – Traditionally, people leave baskets of sweets, flowers, and other small treats for their neighbors – but they do it anonymously! Let your guests fill a small basket with nice things and take it home. Then they can leave it on a neighbor's porch, knock or ring the doorbell, and run away!

At Trailer Booth Photography, we love the idea of a May Day celebration! It's fresh, fun, and full of lovely things – just like our beautiful photo booth trailer!

6 Tree-riffic Ideas for a Community Arbor Day Festival | Austin, Texas, Photo Booth

 Trailer Booth Photography is a mobile photo booth for parties and events in Austin

Trailer Booth Photography is a mobile photo booth for parties and events in Austin

Arbor Day is celebrated annually on the last Friday in April. At first, it may seem like trees wouldn't make for an exciting party theme, but think again – we wouldn't be here without them, so we might as well celebrate them! An Arbor Day festival could be just a simple block party, or it could be a city-wide shindig – it all depends on the resources you have at your disposal. No matter what, your Austin-area photo booth would love to be involved, and people will have a fantastic time! Here are some awesome ideas:


  1. Advertise with art – Put up posters to let people know when and where your festival will be. Having a mix of styles will really catch people's attention – ask local graphic designers and visual artists to each contribute one or two designs, and/or ask a school teacher in the community to have their students contribute to the effort. Once your art is ready to go, use a design program on a computer to make sure each poster has the same accurate information on it.

  2. Plant some trees – This can be done several different ways, depending on your resources and local ordinances. Saplings and seeds can often be ordered at very low prices, so you can either have a whole lot of them on hand to begin with, or you can have community members pre-order their baby trees. You can send them home with guests to plant in their own yards, or you may be able to get permission to plant a number of new trees in local public spaces. For trees that go home with people, be sure to include care instructions. For any trees planted publicly, make sure there's a designated team of people who will look after the fledgling plants over the next several months.

  3. Tree identification walk/hike – Recruit a nature expert, or research local flora yourself, and take participants on a walk or hike to identify trees and other plants in a neighborhood, park, or wooded area. Help people stay engaged with a bingo sheet or scavenger hunt activity.

  4. DIY sensory table – This is a great task for someone who's into gardening. Create an area where kids can see, touch, and smell all kinds of plants and plant-related items. Let them dig in dirt and sand, check out some wriggling worms, and smell various herbs, flowers, and coffee beans. If there's space, let them check out some small gardening tools (trowel, watering can, etc.) and maybe even plant some seeds of their own. Just be sure this area is constantly supervised.

  5. Photo booth fun – Book Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin photo booth on wheels, for guests to capture their memories. Let guests decorate their own tree- or flower-themed headbands to look great in their images. Small gardening tools, floppy hats, and sunglasses also make fabulous photo props.

  6. Have a craft show – Invite local artists who work with natural materials or make plant-related art (think lawn decorations or landscape paintings) to sell their wares. Maybe a local ceramics class can contribute some handmade planters or an after-school club could sell decorated flower pots.

Trees are more important to our environment than ever these days, which means celebrating Arbor Day is more important than ever too. If you're looking to get your community excited with an Arbor Day festival, book Trailer Booth Photography today!

Improve Your Health: Host a Party! | Photo Booth Austin

 Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin mobile photo booth

Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin mobile photo booth

This time of year, we're all about what's healthy, right? We're looking at the year behind and the year ahead, still implementing new year's resolutions, and more often than not, we're thinking about ways to make ourselves healthier. Well, did you know that you'll be healthier and happier if you host and attend more parties? Or get-togethers of any kind, really, whether you're celebrating a wedding, a group of friends who are all back in town, a retirement, a holiday, or life in general. If you're sold on the idea, then go ahead and contact Trailer Booth Photography to book your next Austin-area event! If you're still skeptical, keep reading.

Parties are a great way to improve your mood. When we have something to look forward to, we're likelier to be happier and to put more work into anything we have to do between now and the start of the event. They also decrease your overall stress levels. While there may be some stress associated with planning and preparing for your get-together, it's likely to be eustress, or the kind of enjoyable stress that's good for your body from time to time. (Another example of eustress: that first big drop on a roller coaster, unless you totally hate roller coasters. The opposite of eustress is destress, which the actually upsetting, health-damaging kind of stress). Once your party is underway, you'll have a chance to relax, enjoy yourself, and spend time connecting with your guests, and you'll be so glad you decided to host in the first place!

There are also a number of caloric benefits to parties. Dancing or playing physical games will definitely burn some fat, not to mention release endorphins that make you happier. Laughing is another proven calorie-burner as well, and there's a lot of evidence showing that frequent, genuine laughter can help fight and prevent disease. Even though there may be a lot of salt, sugar, and fat present at various get-togethers, there's also a good chance that fruits and veggies will be easily accessible, and let's be honest, you're probably more likely to munch on them when there's no extra prep work or clean-up like there might be when you're looking for a snack on just an average day. If you're planning the party's menu, you can definitely include more diet-friendly options than just your standard fruit or veggie tray! And finally, on the topic of physical health, if you have an outdoor event, you and your guests will be soaking up some extra vitamin D!

You can't have a party without at least some guests, right? It doesn't matter if there are many or only a few; get-togethers are an ideal time to reconnect with loved ones, build relationships, and foster community! You can bond over old family traditions or invent new ones that may even outlive you, and you're sure to make memories that will help you through tough times ahead (and possibly inspire you to organize even more events). There's a proverb in Spanish that says “Tiempo es oro.” Literally, this means “Time is gold,” and it sounds a lot like the American saying “Time is money.” However, the actual meaning of the Spanish phrase is that time with those we love is as valuable as gold, so we shouldn't waste the time we have to spend with them, and we should make more opportunities however we can.

A mobile photo booth is a worthy addition to any party in the Austin area, no matter the setting or occasion. We're currently booking dates for 2017 and 2018, and they're filling up quickly. If you're inspired to host an event and send your guests home with high-quality photo strips of the fun they had, contact us today!

The Best-Ever Party Favor | Trailer Booth | Photo Booth Austin Texas

 Trailer Booth Photography | Photo Booth Austin Texas | Wedding Photo Booth & More

Trailer Booth Photography | Photo Booth Austin Texas | Wedding Photo Booth & More


Party favors are tricky: you can't afford to spend a fortune, but most cheap favors end up tossed out or forgotten. Just think about it – once candy is eaten, no one thinks about it again, plastic novelties sit around collecting dust until they disappear, and decorated drinking glasses get ruined in the dishwasher. Whether you're planning a retirement party, looking for wedding ideas in Austin, quinceañera, or surprise party, your fabulous event deserves to be commemorated in a lasting way. There's one favor that your guests will certainly place in a visible spot and look at all the time, remembering your event for years to come! Trailer Booth Photo Booth Austin Texas is here to with the answer.


Naturally, we're talking about photo strip frames, which are both awesome and affordable. Trailer Booth Photography, your Austinphoto booth, sends each guest who uses our booth a 2” x 6” strip of photos. These photo strips capture so many moments from your celebration, and guests will surely want to display them somehow. They could use their over-crowded bulletin boards and hope the photos don't get covered up or bent, or they could lay the strip flat on a desk or side table and hope it doesn't get brushed off and stepped on. But there's a better way: send your guests home with a way to make those photo strips stand out, stand up, or both!


There are many different photo strip frames out there. They can be made from glass, acrylic or other types of hard plastic, or eco-friendly cardboard. They can even take the form of flexible, clear plastic sleeves to slide photo strips inside or colorful magnetic rectangles to place over the photos' edges. Some are made to stand up on flat surfaces (like the advertisements you often see on restaurant tables, except shaped slightly differently), while others stick to metal objects, such as refrigerators and filing cabinets. They can be purchased in bulk from party stores and large online retailers, or they can be ordered in smaller batches (usually with more personalization options such as text and design) from smaller online retailers like Etsy stores. If you have enough time and you're feeling crafty, you could even make your own frames from cardboard, cardstock, or magnets.


The best part of choosing photo strip frames for your party favors is that they can serve a purpose during the event! Set them out at each place setting or at strategic points around your party space and fill them with 2” x 6” inserts to denote the menu or schedule for the event, convey a message from the host or guest of honor, or communicate anything else you want your guests to know.


Your party guests have a blast snapping all sorts of pictures inside our beautiful trailer, and they'll treasure the memories captured in their photo strips. It only makes sense to send them home with a fun and practical way to keep those pictures visible once they get home.  Your guests will thank you, and that will be another item to check off your planning list!

5 Ideas for a Rip-Roarin' Texas Statehood Party | Austin Texas Photo Booth - Trailer Booth Photography

 Austin , Texas Photo Booth Trailer Booth Photography

Austin , Texas Photo Booth Trailer Booth Photography


Texas officially became a U.S. state on December 29, 1845, and since there's nothing Texans do better than party, why not throw a great shindig to celebrate the anniversary of Texas joining the union? Here are six great ideas for a party your Texan friends will remember for at least the next 171 years!


  1. Everything photographs better in Texas – Of course you'll want to have Trailer Booth Photography, the best mobile photo booth in Austin, Texas, on hand to capture your memories! In addition to the great cowboy hats and sombreros we have in our standard prop collection, consider adding star-shaped glasses (like the star on the Texas flag) and red, white, and blue accessories (like the colors on the Texas flag). For another great addition, make or find a large, light-weight piece of wood shaped like the state and cover it with chalkboard paint. Give your guests chalk and let them showcase their favorite things about Texas in their photo strips!

  2. Test your Texas knowledge – Go online or visit your local library to find fodder for Texas-themed trivia questions. Look for information about offical state things (song, animal, gemstone, etc.), state history, famous Texans, and anything else interesting you can find. Then organize a competition among your guests – you can ask and answer questions verbally, or use paper and pencil.

  3. Put together a Texas playlist – So many musicians have gotten their start in the great state of Texas. Put together a playlist of your favorite artists who were born in Texas or got their start here. Just to name a few, there's Kenny Rogers, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Buddy Holly, Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson, Meat Loaf, Norah Jones, Los Lonely Boys, ZZ Top, Blind Willie Johnson, Stevie Nicks, and The Police. Also consider including folk songs, such as “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Don't forget that Trailer Booth Photography can hook your playlist up to play in our beautiful trailer, so the party never stops!

  4. You can't go wrong with Texas food – There are so many great dishes that are nearly synonymous with Texas – brisket, breakfast tacos, pecan pie, chicken-fried steak, sweet tea, and more! You can serve a sit-down meal if you'd like, or look for recipes to make your favorite Texas foods bite-sized – think brisket sliders and miniature pecan pastries. Consider locally made favorites, such as craft beers and sodas.

  5. Texas party favors – There are so many options for giving your guests a little bit of the Lone Star State to take home with them. You can go with local snacks, such as homemade pecan pralines; or small, useful, Texas-themed items, such as Texas-shaped erasers or cowboy boot-shaped bottle openers; or even something unique as packets of Texas bluebonnet seeds.


Whatever your Austin, Texas, event is, Trailer Booth Photography would love to help take your party to the next level!

Looking for Some Great Photo Booth Playlist Songs? Look No Further!

Austin Texas photo booth Trailer Booth Photography is now booking holiday parties! Book yours now!



We all know it: It's just not a party without great music! That's why Austin, Texas, photo booth Trailer Booth Photography makes it possible to hook up your party playlist in their gorgeous Shasta Airflyte trailer. To that end, here's a collection of great songs all titled “Photograph” to get your party-goers in the mood!


Photograph by Def Leppard

You just can't help but rock out to this great '80s jam. As the lead single from Def Leppard's third album, it reached the top spot on the Billboard chart. The song tells a typical story about a guy who wishes he could be with a certain girl, but now she's gone and all he has is her photograph. The music video features a Marilyn Monroe impersonator, leading some people to speculate that she is actually the subject of the song, but lead singer Joe Elliott has long insisted that's not the case. Regardless, Def Leppard's “Photograph” straddles the line between heavy metal and '80s pop, and it's an excellent, upbeat choice for your photo booth playlist!


Photograph by Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr is probably best known as The Beatles' drummer, but he went on to have a solo career, and his “Photograph” was one of his first big solo hits. He worked on it with fellow Beatle George Harrison, and it's the only song for which they officially share a writing credit. In the lyrics, Starr laments over a lost love and his lack of hope they will ever get back together; all he has now is a photograph of her. But though the words are somewhat sorrowful, the song is in a warm major key. On his collaborations with Harrison, Starr once said, “I only know three chords and he'd stick four more in, and they'd all think I was a genius.” The number of chords aside, we think this is a pretty genius song, and the lovely tune will help generate lots of smiles!


Photograph by Weezer

This tune is a single from the cult-favorite, alt-rock band's first album after a five-year hiatus, and while it's not hard-hitting in either the music or lyrics departments, it's just a lot of fun. It's really a song about the universality of the human condition, and it only makes this list because of its chorus, which goes “It's in the photograph / It's in the photograph / It's in the photograph of love.” This single wasn't as popular as the other two from the same album, so Weezer decided to pass on a big-budget music video for it and instead have their friend and webmaster Karl Koch shoot and edit on-stage and behind-the-scenes footage from one of the band's tours. The great thing about the music video is how it shows little clips – snapshots, if you will – of good times in regular life – which is what photo booths are all about!


Fotografía by Juanes featuring Nelly Furtado

A beautiful ballad by Colombian superstar Juanes and Portuguese-Canadian singer Nelly Furtado, this song's title means “Photograph” in Spanish. It's a great addition to your playlist, especially if you're going to have some Spanish-speaking guests, and even if you're not, English-speakers will pick up on the word foto, which is pronounced almost identically to “photo.” The song's lyrics talk about taking comfort in pictures of a sorely missed loved one, which is something nearly all of us can relate to. While most of your party playlist will probably be upbeat songs, it's important to include periodic slow songs to give the fast ones extra oomph!


Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Our final “Photograph” song is a popular one by British crooner/rapper Ed Sheeran, which he wrote in collaboration with Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol, while Sheeran and Snow Patrol were on tour together in May 2012. It was at least partially inspired by Sheeran's homesickness and longing for his then-girlfriend, singer Nina Nesbitt, while he was touring. This tender ballad muses on how love can hurt us, but it can also heal us. The pre-chorus goes “We keep this love in a photograph / We make these memories for ourselves / Where our eyes are never closing / Hearts are never broken / Time's forever frozen still.” In other words, photographs are fixed records of beautiful, happy moments, which is exactly what we at Trailer Booth Photography Photo booth Austin Texas hope you take away from our trailer!

Austin Photo Booth 2.jpg

These Awesome Favor Ideas Will Pull Double Duty at Your Next Party!

These Awesome Favor Ideas Will Pull Double Duty at Your Next Party!

Trailer Booth Photography - Photo Booth, Austin Texas

 Folks having fun in Tammy the Hammy, Photo boothAustin Texas

Folks having fun in Tammy the Hammy, Photo boothAustin Texas



We've all been to parties where the take-home favors are cute but ultimately forgettable – candy gets eaten and the wrappers get discarded, plastic novelties break or disappear, and the printing peels off drinking glasses in the dishwasher. Your event, whether it's a wedding, birthday, holiday party, or bat mitzvah will be too much fun to be commemorated by something so unfabulous. Why not choose a favor your guests will place in a visible spot so they can remember the great time they had every day?


What party favor could be so awesome and yet still affordable? Photo strip frames, of course! When you book Trailer Booth Photography, your Austin, Texas, photo booth, for your event, each guest receives a 2” x 6” strip of photos. Your guests will love taking those little memories, frozen in time, home with them, and they could always just stick them to a fridge with a random magnet or a corkboard with a plain pushpin. But why not also send them home with something to make that photo strip stand up, stand out, or both?

 Trailer Booth Photography - Photo Booth, Austin, Texas

Trailer Booth Photography - Photo Booth, Austin, Texas


There are so many choices available! Clear, acrylic, stand-up frames (think of the advertisements you often see on tables at restaurants, except taller and narrower) are available in bulk from numerous online and brick-and-mortar retailers. There are also numerous options out there for magnetic frames: some are acrylic or other types of hard plastic with magnets attached to the back; others are thin, flexible magnets with a colorful coating that are placed over the photo strips; and still others are plastic sleeves with a flexible magnetic backing. If you're looking for something with a little more personality, check out Etsy stores, where you can find everything from classy, stand-up glass frames to eco-friendly cardstock in a variety of styles and colors. If you have time and you're hand with a craft knife, you could even make your own cardboard or cardstock frames.


And what's even better than sending home great, useful favors with your guests from an Austin Texas photo booth? Employing those favors to communicate information at your event! Print 2” x 6” inserts to go in the frames, and place the frames at each place setting or at strategic locations around your venue. The inserts can share a message from the host or guest of honor, a menu, a schedule for the event, or other housekeeping details.


Your party guests will love snapping creative, classy, and fun pictures inside our gorgeous Austin Texas photo booth, and they'll treasure the memories captured in their photo strips. When you're planning your event, be sure to think about favors that highlight and enhance those wonderful photos. Your guests will thank you, and that will be another item to check off your planning list!

 Trailer Booth Photography / Photo Booth Austin Texas

Trailer Booth Photography / Photo Booth Austin Texas



Five Austin-Centric Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Five Memorable Austin Birthday Parties for Children


Think back to when you were a kid and you waited all year long for your birthday...it was like Christmas, only better, because it was all about you! Many of us probably have particularly great birthday parties that stand out in our memories, and now that we have our own kids, we want to give them those same special memories to look back on. Here are five unique birthday parties for kids in the Austin area!


1.  Zymbols at Copeland Jewelers ­ Being Creative with a Message

    Zymbols are so cool! They're charms with a criss­crossing design that contain every letter of the alphabet and the numbers 0 through 9, and they come in all sorts of materials, including plastic, which is perfect for kids. Zymbols are sold at Copeland Jewelers in Austin, and each charm comes with a card on which the wearer can trace out the special message they find in their Zymbol – kids could write out their names, their own birthdays, their hopes and dreams, or anything else you can think of! With a trip to Copeland Jewelers, the birthday kid and each guest will come away with a beautiful piece of jewelry that will help them remember a great party every time they wear it. Plus, every time a Zymbol charm is purchased, another one is given to a child in the hospital!



    2. Austin landmark tour

    This party idea is perfect for kids who are a little older and can appreciate the historical value of the city they live in. The landmarks you visit can range from local favorites, like the giant fork statue at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, to nationally recognized sites, like the Texas state capitol building. If your birthday girl or boy is into music, you might include the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn. Sports? Check out the Circuit of the Americas, which hosts many car and motorcycle races. You can customize your Austin landmark tour however you'd like, but no matter what, kids will enjoy the day and gain a greater appreciation for the unique place they live!


    3. Trailer Booth Photography ­ Photo booth fun!

    Trailer Booth Photography can bring their anything ­themed Austin Texas photo booth to your event! The totally renovated 1962 Shasta camper will be a fun experience for the kids, who may never have been inside such a space before, and it will open their eyes to the value of creative upcycling – taking something old and turning it into something brand new and super cool. Most kids today are used to digital photos on phones and computer screens, so the real photographs they take home will become important keepsakes. You can even customize your Austin photo booth experience with music, props, backdrops, and more!


    4. Martial Arts at Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu

    Perfect for a birthday girl or boy who loves to be active, Master Gohring's Tai Chi and Kung Fu in Austin will host a party for children turning four or older, and everything is included except the cake! Guests will enjoy a martial arts class with certified instructors, prizes from a game show prize wheel, and pizza. The birthday child gets to break a board and cut their cake with a “real” samurai sword! And best of all, he or she receives a free month of classes and a free uniform! If your kids and their friends love to get up, move around, and learn new things, Master Gohring's might be just what you're looking for.

    5.Toybrary Austin

    Here's one perfect for the little guys: Toybrary Austin is a lending library for toys, rather than books, and they host fabulous parties for children five and under! With a designated play area and a separate room for cake and presents, everything is streamlined. Toybrary's website even has links to help you design a theme for your party, from cars to ballerinas to the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Very young children don't need a lot of fuss over their birthdays – they just want to play with their friends, and Toybrary Austin is the perfect place for that!